Hey There! Did You Know I Have Four Amazing Books?

I know my last post was just this morning but,  this is what happens when you stay away from something you love for too long. You know I love you guys so I’ll try not to bore you too much

Anyway, as some of you already know I am a growing writer and I have published four e-books all available on the Okadabooks platform. But for those who haven’t been following me from my previous blog, today is your lucky day. In descending order,  here are the books I have written.

1. If The World Was Different:

This was my very first book and oh I don’t even want to think about all the errors in this book. But it is an amazing book not just because I have been told by every single person who has read it but because I believe in my work.

Synopsis: Yusuf lost his faith when his parents were gruesomely murdered at the age of Ten. He lived his life obeying the Master’s will, waiting for the day he would join his parents. He didn’t care much for life, until he met Zainab. Zainab was the thread holding her family together after they were betrayed by her oldest sister Mariam. Zainab must do all it takes to protect her family but, she had not expected to be so attracted to their new driver, a stranger from the North.

Price: Free

2. Queen of Ice:

I love everything I have ever written but this is a personal favorite because I love magic.

Synopsis: Mo, a princess, survived a rape attempt after her father rescued her. However, life wasn’t the same with her after that. She shut out completely and refused to trust or love again. Society did not take time to name her Queen of Ice. Even without anyone trying to find out why she suddenly became cold. To thaw her frozen heart, Mo must journey several centuries back to meet the real Queen of Ice. A woman with extra ordinary powers, a woman who was different, a woman society misundertood. A woman who just like Mo had loved and had lost. Will Mo learn what true forgiveness and love means? Or will she let the only man who loves her genuinely walk away, while her bitterness consumes her completely? This is a tale of love entwined in the vines of the past awaiting freedom in the present.

Price: 300 Naira

3. Remembering Love:

This is from my blog series on my former blog, published as an e-book. However it is an updated version from the one on the former blog.  So, you may want to read it again. Besides who doesn’t love romance?

Synopsis: After Derek was involved in an accident, Elizabeth spent everyday by his side, caring for him, talking to him, helping him recuperate even though he was in a state of coma. When he finally wakes up, he doesn’t remember her, his girlfriend of over ten years. In addition to not remembering her, he also hated her and couldn’t explain why.

Price: Free

4. She:

This is my newest published in February (wow February seems so long ago, this year is slow o)  this one is a collection of short stories

Synopsis: This is a collection of five stories which depicts the lives of eight women as they deal with conflicting emotions, insecurities, hypocrisy, sex, love, romance, sufficiency,tough decisions, self-awareness, friendships, depression and generally everything else that affects the day to day living of an average African woman. Warning: This book contains strong language and intense sexual scenes and it is therefore not suitable for readers below the age of 18.

Price: 500 Naira

Coming Soon: Accepting Love (Sequel to Remembering Love)

You can download any of these books by clicking here. I surely do hope you enjoy reading these books and if you have read the before please spread the word to we can blow. Also don’t forget to subscribe to the blog. Thank you and have a lovely night.



  1. Utibeno says

    I haven’t read any of them. But the synopsis are 💯💯. Definitely getting mine.

    1. admin says

      Thank you Utibeno please do get them. You will definitely fall in love with them.

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