Five things you should know about Lupita Nyong’o

Lupita Nyong’o is no doubt a force to reckon with in the international movie industry. Since her breakthrough movie, ’12 Years A Slave’ Lupita has been a darling and an impeccable screen goddess. Her love in our hearts doubled when she played ‘Nakia’ in the much anticipated and one of the best movies ever made ‘Black Panther’. Lupita is not just a wonderful actress, she is also a graceful lady and a true face of black culture, her glowing skin is and will always be goals to many black woman (Babe needs to share her skin care routine with us one day) She is just so beautiful. It is for these reasons and many other amazing ones that Lupita is our woman crush this Wednesday.

Photo Credit: Instagram @lupitanyongo

So, without further story, here are five things you probably don’t know about Lupita Nyong’o

1. Lupita Nyong’o was born in Mexico when her Kenyan parents were in political exile and her name Lupita is actually a Spanish name, I used to think it was Kenyan but, what do I know?

Photo Credit: Instagram @lupitanyongo

2. Lupita got her undergraduate degree from Hampshire College in Massachusetts, and later graduated from Yale School of Drama in 2012.

Photo Credit: Instagram @lupitanyongo

3.  She speaks multiple languages. In addition to her native Luo and English, she also speaks Spanish, Swahili and conversational Italian. Lupita is a superhuman, I mean how can she speak five languages?

4. Before her breakthrough movie, ’12 Years a Slave’ Lupita was a popular TV actress in Kenya. One of her prominent TV shows was MTV Shuga. This series was aimed at spreading awareness about HIV and was obviously produced by MTV.

Photo Credit: Instagram @lupitanyongo

5.  Lupita has also been casted to star in the movie adaptation of Chimamanda Adichie’s book ‘Americanah’. I’m not a fan of movie adaptation of books but I’m excited about this one, just because Lupita is in it. I hope they don’t disappoint.

These are five things you probably did not know about Lupita Nyong’o or maybe you already did I just thought it’d be wonderful to share it anyway.

What do you love most about Lupita Nyong’o and do you think she would do justice to the upcoming ‘Americanah’ movie? Drop your opinions in the comment box and also don’t forget to share and subscribe to the blog. Thank you.

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