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ThisBlackWoman Features: The Art of Debola

Tonight I’m launching the Arts and Culture Segment of the blog.

This segment from the name is basically self-explanatory. It’s all about the art and the culture of Africa and it’s people.

To launch this segment, tonight, ThisBlackWoman features Debola. Debola is an artist, a writer and a lover pop culture.

Debola was born in 1994 and he grew up with siblings who were a lot older than he was. This basically meant he had been exposed to pop culture since he was a baby, cartoons and music videos are his biggest inspirations. Others include, conversations with friends, books, films and interesting cracks on solids surfaces.

“I am an artist who tries to capture the emotional essence of ideas that comes to me. For me, this essence is more important than ensuring that the idea is structurally preserved from thought to medium. I find that even in my personal life I prioritize emotions over details, and this trait defines my work. I experiment with mediums like ink, graphite, coal, pencil and digital illustrations.”

Debola works at NATIVE as a writer and you can find his articles on the site and he posts his drawings on his Instagram page (@debzywane) but he is looking to find a medium that works for his art style. That way, he can master it enough for it to be marketable.

Debola will be doing his debut exhibition very soon and I am so looking forward to it and I’m sure with what TBW fans have seen this evening, they are too.

Thank you Debola for sharing your art with us, we are looking forward to more from you. Ladies and gentlemen, there you have it, TBW’s Art and Culture segment is officially open. If you would like to get featured on this segment, send an email to aminatawa@thisblackwoman.com.ng.

Thank you very much much for reading, don’t forget to subscribe, like and leave a comment. Enjoy the rest of your night.

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