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Loving Mo

He had to be the biggest fool on the continent.

Adewale had been following Mo around like a puppy ever since they were kids. He remembered the first time he’d set his eyes on her. She was barely ten days old and he was three years old, and he couldn’t quite comprehend how someone could be so tiny. He had been fascinated by her blue eyes since the first time she opened them. Her mother had died giving life to her, although he had not understood what death or the finality of it meant, only that his mother was always going to the Kitan mansion and was always with baby Molawa. What he knew was that he had been excited to go with his mother to the mansion, and he would cry for hours when it was time to go home, his mother still teased him about it.

He’d been in love with Mo even before he knew what love meant, but she had always taken him for granted, not that she ignored him, in fact, they had been best friends growing up but, he only got her attention when she needed him. And she had always needed him, whether it was to scare off bullies, or to do her homework and as she grew older, to cry on his shoulder when she broke up with one of her boyfriends or when a crush didn’t look her way or worst when he had to get her out of trouble when she and Elizabeth picked fights with people older than them. He’d known he was being used but he didn’t mind as long as he got her attention he was fine with it. In fact, he had enjoyed being used because her little and sometimes dangerous escapades fascinated him. He enjoyed watching her laugh at him when he warned her about how dangerous something was. He enjoyed her carefree attitude to life and the random smiles she brought to his face. The Mo he knew didn’t know how to keep a grudge, she didn’t even know how to get angry; she simply was a mischievous child whom her father always threatened to send off to boarding school.

But, everything had changed five years ago when she disappeared into thin air, rumour had it that she had eloped with a chief’s son, someone who was very close to the Kitan family. He didn’t believe the story but, Mo had been found after a week, her father had turned the whole of Africa upside down looking for her. Coincidentally, the boy and his family were never seen again, it was as if they never existed. But, he wouldn’t believe the story. Mo was reckless but, not that reckless.

No, he shook his head; that was the old Mo. The old Mo was reckless, carefree, loved easily and laughed a lot. The new Mo, the one that returned five years ago was withdrawn, careful, cold and almost even vicious. She directed all her energy towards work, became a perfectionist and soon she earned the nickname “Ice Queen.” He never thought he would call her that in his entire lifetime.

He stopped being her best friend five years ago or rather, she stopped being his best friend, she simply withdrew from everyone. He wished she would just talk to him but it never happened. So when the proposal for marriage was brought before him by her grandmother through his mother, who had been Mo’s mother’s best friend, he felt that heaven had finally answered his prayers and he would now be able to protect Mo. But, last night, Mo had made it clear that she didn’t want him. He had rented out the whole restaurant for the night; there had been candles with nice scent, slow and sensuous music playing in the back ground. He wanted to propose to her properly. He remembered one time when they were still teenagers that Mo had told him that she would like her proposal to be done at a private dinner, just her and her man and no audience. That was what he had tried to do, but, he didn’t even get far enough to bring out the ring.

It was over, he was going to break off the engagement, he would never force her to be with him. He would talk to his mother. It was finally over between the two of them.

He had made that decision before he went to bed after dropping Mo off at the Kitan Mansion but as he got ready for work that morning, he didn’t think he had the strength to do it; he was a coward and he knew it.

But he had to do it, he had to cut the umbilical cord between them, he was thirty-one not sixteen, he was no longer a love-struck teenager or so he thought. But, he would break the engagement, go to work, hit the club with his friends and end up home with a random girl, that was his lifestyle, the fact that he thought Mo, could have feelings for him not to mention marry him confirmed how a big a fool he was.

His servant took his briefcase from him, the moment he stepped out of his chambers.
“Is my car in front?” He asked. Although, there was no need to ask because he knew his car would have been driven out of the garage and would be waiting for him in front of the mansion. But he asked his servant every morning just to make use of him. Why his mother thought he specifically needed a male servant was still beyond him. Perhaps she thought him a rabbit who would not hesitate to take a female servant to bed. Even his mother thought little of him.

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