The All-Natural Conference 2018

Today was a mighty stressful day for me, I had an interview on Unilag FM (I’ll tell you more about it later) Then I had to rush back to the Island for The All-Natural Conference organized by The All-Natural Gang.I was so exhausted by all the back and forth I had to do, coupled with the fact that I was fasting, I had to leave early but I managed to get some pictures for you all.

The theme for this year’s All-Natural Conference is, Natural Living: The New You. The conference brushed on a lot of very relevant topics such as, how we can too into our natural environment, truth about organic agriculture, emerging issues affecting the natural and organic cosmetics industry and many more interesting topics.

The guests and the speakers did justice to the topics but the amazing thing about it or that both men and women were in attendance. I’m glad that the narrative is changing. The event was held at The Boardwalk Event Centre, Adeola Hopewell Street Victoria Island.

So without further story let me share pictures with you.

The hosts of the event
Abimbola Fagade: Convener Of The All-Natural Conference
Nicert/Ecocert Nigeria Team talking on the Truth About Organic Agriculture
The Panelists: In no particular order:
1.Yellow Sisi
2. Tubosun Afolayan, Promoter, Semsy Skin Solutions
3. Ade Balogun, CEO, Locitude
4. Oluseye Adesuwa, founder SBM Naturales
5. Hadassah Snaps, Owner, Nappily Nigerian Girl Blog
6. Kilienma
7.Aisha Bamidele, CEO, Aisha’s Temptations Perfumery.

Some of the Exhibitors

Wura Naturals
Jewel, CEO, Julz Mane and Mary CEO of Kink Chic

Niode Bonnets

Please forgive my amateur pictures, all in all I am looking forward to the next All-Natural Conference. Kudos to the organizers.

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