Understanding and Redefining F-Word

Feminism has been under a lot of negative media lately. But, come to think of it, when has feminism ever been in the positive media? It’s a man’s world they say, so feminist ideologies are so strongly spoken against and even almost rejected by both men and women alike. To put it bluntly,feminist women are seen as Jezebels while feminist men are seen as weak and unmanly.

The question is, is feminism really the enemy here?

This post is a compilation of the things I talked about on instagram live on Saturday. Not so many people watched it but, I think it’s only fair that I write about it because I had originally promised to post it on the blog prior to the live video.

Let’s start with the name “Feminism” A lot of people have issues with the name, because they feel if feminism actually fights for the equality of the sexes and of all persons then it should be either called humanism or equalism. This is because they feel that feminism is a strongly feminine word and therefore is biased and ironically sexist.

Here are some reasons why the substitute words such as equalism and humanism won’t work. Humanism is a whole different ideology on it’s own, it’s the believe that the source of human creation is not God, but in humanity itself. I don’t know how that’s supposed to work though because no matter the religion, faith or believe that we may have, we certainly agree on one thing; there is a superior being (our creator) whom we all going to account to in the end. And ofcourse, we have free thinkers who do not believe in the existence of God or even life after death, which is a choice based on their reality and how they see the world but, this is a whole different thing from feminism and cannot even propose to substitute the word.

Equalism is the believe that all human beings are equal irrespective of gender, race, language and all that barrier. But,the belief that all human beings are equal, does not necessarily mean that we are, we know the truth, we know the kind of society we live in. Equality is still very far from us. This is where feminism comes in, feminism says that all human beings SHOULD be equal, it recognizes the barriers, it accepts that the stereotypes are there but, it seeks to destroy these stereotypes. In my own opinion, the day we no longer need feminism is the day equalism begins to thrive. I hope and pray that one day, we will get there.

Yes, it is true that feminism focuses on the disadvantages and inequality of a particular group of people, us; women. But, the whole idea of true feminism is that in fighting for our rights to be treated as equal human beings, in our fight to empower ourselves and other women we recognize that men have rights, that should not be stepped on. God has created us in a way that we cannot do without each other, we are dependent on each other for survival but if we continue to disrespect each other, if we continue to treat women has lesser human beings as second-class citizens, then there is a problem because, we are destroying the world little by little.

In defining feminism, these words are important, they are key to understanding what feminism means: “Equality, Choice and Respect.”

So, we can tell from the above that, it is not the word that needs to be changed but, the misconception around the it. Feminism is not ANTI-MEN and neither is it a HATE MARCH against anyone. It is to protect our rights and privileges as women and has human beings.

I don’t think I need to go into any deep lecture as to why we need feminism. All we need to do is to look around us, in our families, workplaces, politics, educational system, social status, marital status, in everywhere, can we proudly say women are getting equal treatment?

One more issue I would like to address is the “feminist lite” syndrome. The “I’m a feminist but” Syndrome. There is not ‘but’ in this thing, there is no such thing as partial feminism, you either are or aren’t. “There is no such thing as he is the head and you are the neck that turns the head around” you are a full human being and not a neck and neither is he just a head, he is a full human being too.

Just like I said in my video, I think this saying is a resultant effect of how deep patriarchy is rooted in our system. It’s so deep that even though a lot of women are beginning to realize that they have rights which should not be ignored, they feel guilty for having that right so, they’ll rather succumb to the ‘head and neck’ syndrome. It’s like saying “I have rights but his rights are superior and better than mine.”

Now, this brings me to my next question: Do women really want feminism? This is a topic I’ll be talking about in my next article in this category. Feel free to leave your comments and opinions in the comment box and let’s discuss.

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