This or That Challenge + Giveaway Winner!!!

Hey people, I saw this challenge called ‘this or that’ on I loved it and I decided to try it out too. I hope you all will love it too. So here we go:

Question 1: Morning or Evening Shower?

Morning Shower, I’m always too lazy to shower in the evening but, I make sure I wash my face before I sleep and I use deodorant because I like to smell good to bed.

Question 2: City Centre or Close to Nature?

City Centre but Nature is a good idea when you want to take a break… I think.

Question 3: Bright colours or Neutrals?

Both! Although recently I have been wearing a lot of dark colours.

Question 4: Planned or spontaneous?

Planned o, omo I like to know what’s coming, except proposals sha as long as it’s not a public proposal, I’d love it to be spontaneous and romantic.

Question 5: A movie at home or at the cinema?

Both! Watching movies at the cinema is awesome especially when you go with your girls but it can also be sweet when you are on your bed, the AC on full blast with your blanket wrapped around you, your laptop on and of course something to snack on.

Question 6: Tea or Coffee?

Neither, next please!

Question 7: Hugs or Kisses?

Hmm… This one is kinda tough o but I think I’ll choose kisses, yeah… But hugs are nice too especially when they are given at the right moments, I mean sometimes all you need is a warm hug to keep you going. And then there are times you need a cuddle buddy.

Question 8: Spicy or Mild Food?

Spicy but not too spicy and definitely not mild… eew.

Question 9: Leather or Lace?

Lace please.

Question 10: Overdressed or Underdressed?

Neither, because both leaves me feeling self-conscious. I’d rather be appropriately dressed.

Question 11: Adventure or Comfort?

Adventure please…I have been comfortable way too long, it’s time to get out of that comfort zone.

Question 12: TV series or movies?

Series, even though they give me heart attacks. Like Empire for instance, they want to kill me before my time.

Question 13: Rock or country music?

I really don’t have a preference once it comes to music, as long as it sounds interesting to me, I’m good depending on my mood.

Question 14: Red or White wine?

They both contain alcohol, don’t they? If not, then both is fine.

Question 15: Working alone or in a team?

Depends on the people in the team, because honestly people can be annoying. Otherwise I prefer to work alone.

Question 16: Swimming or Sunbathing?

I’d choose sunbathing, because as old as I am, I cannot swim.

Question 17: Matched or Mismatched socks?

Honestly, I really don’t care. Matched or mismatched, as long as I have a pair socks to wear, whichever one I can find, I wear.

Question 18: Dancing or singing?

Sadly, I can’t do any of these but if I could I would choose singing.

Question 19: Fast food or sit down restaurant?

As long as food will show anyone, owanbe sef dey alright.

Question 20: Phone or Internet?

Biko, what’s a phone without internet? Internet all the way but it is also better when there’s a phone with internet on it.

Thank you everyone for reading, it’s supposed to be a tag but I’m too lazy to tag anyone so feel free to do this if you want to. And I hope you enjoyed it though. Now to the winner of the black soap giveaway.

Thank you all for participating in the giveaway that was announced in this post, the winner of the blacksoap is LEE, Congratulations Lee please send me an email on or send me a Dm on instagram @thisblackwoman on how to claim your price. Thank you everybody once again.

  1. Klassique dee says

    Blue or Pink?

    1. admin says

      I think both, can’t really decide.. Lol

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