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Movie Talk: Ajji The Vengeful Grandmother

I was supposed to talk about two movies today, but the way I have been lazy these days is so unreal. In my head I’m doing a lot of things while in reality, I’m just lying on my bed pressing phone. Right now, I’m listening to Wild Things by Alessia Cara.

The movie is titled Ajji and it’s an Indian movie. Contrary to public opinion Indians are actually very good storywriters, in my opinion, they make one of the best movies in the world, if you can get past their stereotypical and dramatic love stories and dancing.

Brief synopsis of the movie:

A ten year old girl was raped and the left to die in a dump, she was found by her grandmother. Her grandmother was a seamstress and had sent the little girl to deliver a blouse to another woman, who was a prostitute.

The police was invited but, rather than address the main issue, which was the violation of the little girl, the police officer attacked the credibility of their story, questioned why the girl was out so late at night, and even suggested that the girl might even be a prostitute as well. He further abused the girl by demanding to see her privaties just so he can be sure that she was raped.

He then told her family members not press charges because, they were illegal immigrants going up against the son of a legislator (the culprit) not only would they not win, they would also ruin their lives as well. He advised that they keep quiet about the whole thing and make sure the girl returns to school as soon as possible. He also brought in a quack doctor to stitch the girl up.

The light in the family was snuffed out, their daughter had been raped and abused and they could do nothing about it. The lack of justice made the grandmother do something drastic. She stalked the culprit for days, learnt his weaknesses and then she disguised as a prostitute, got him alone one night, cut off his balls and fed it to the dogs.
The Grandmother avenged her granddaughter.

You have to see the movie itself to fill in the details I left out; this is just an overall summary.

My opinion on the movie:

This movie is a reflection of what is happening in our society. Women and girls are not safe, and the people who are supposed to protect us, hurt us the most.

They say to us: don’t go out alone at night, but what about the ones that happened during the day.

They tell us: cover yourself properly but, what about fully clothed women who have been raped?

They ask: why did you go there? But, what about the ones that happened to us in our own homes?

They say: Keep it yourself, it is shameful thing, but why is it our own shame and not the rapist’s shame.

They say: it happened because of your nature as a woman, you attracted him. But, is it a crime to be born a woman?

They say: you have slept with him before; it is nothing new to you. But, does that give him and eternal right to our bodies.

They say: She might be just a child, but she moves her hips like a matured woman. But, what hips does a child have?

They say: He is your husband, what are you complaining about? But, does being married take away the right we have over our own bodies.

Every thing they say to us, justifies the rapist and blames us women and we can’t even get the proper justice we deserve because proving the offence of rape is a tedious task. Sometimes, even the police will destroy your case.

So, can we really blame the old woman for taking the law into her own hands? She couldn’t protect her granddaughter, but she could at least avenge her.

We all need to stand up and raise our voices or contribute in every little way we can to end rape culture. Let’s stop victim blaming, it will lead us nowhere.

  1. Sadia says

    It is sad really. Rapists move freely up and down and the victim is blamed. Perverted people who have no self-respect will violate a woman not thinking once about their own daughters. And then the public will blame the victim. May Allah help us.

    1. admin says

      Everyday, it’s the same old story. It even sadder that young girls are not spared this misery. Amin. May Allah help us.

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