My Saturday Skincare Routine + DIY Sugar and Lime Scrub

Yaaayyyyy, it’s Saturday, it’s a day to sleep in, wake up and then pamper yourself. For many of us in these parts, it’s wash day and skin treatment day while for the rest of us, it’s a day for house chores.

This morning we are going to pamper our skin; I’m going to share some tips on how to treat your face. And there is also a DIY video on how to make your sugar and lime scrub within 5 minutes.

So, first, I wash my face with Wura Naturals’ Black Smoothie Soap, then I pat dry with a soft towel. Most times I prefer to let the water dry off itself but if for some reason I’m impatient, I PAT dry with a SOFT towel.

Secondly, I steam my face, steaming helps open up your pores and it removes oil clots, for effective results you can add a bag of green tea into your hot water. (Make sure you rinse your face with cold water afterwards to close back the pores.

Thirdly, I exfoliate gently with sugar and lime scrub.

This picture was taken from Pinterest

Sugar makes your skin softer and it also draws moisture from the environment and locks them on your skin. While l whether taken orally or applied topically, benefits your skin in several ways, people with oily skin who suffering from acne, pimples, and blemishes can use lime to get rid of them and it is also good for reducing skin pores.

While exfoliating please rub gently on your skin because sugar can cause skin tears and that would be bad.

Number four, after exfoliating for two minutes, then we rinse off and apply apple cider vinegar on the skin as a moisturizer. ACV sound be mixed with water to it doesn’t burn your skin, mix a teaspoon of acv with a teaspoon of water for balance and dab with a cotton pad.

That’s it you have your skin pampering. This routine, if done regularly will take care of acne, large pores, skin pigmentation and it will help brighten up your skin.

Now for the DIY Sugar and Lime Scrub


1. 2 teaspoon of sugar, white or brown (usually I use brown because it’s softer on the skin but, I ran out to in this video I used white.)

2. 1 teaspoon of lime juice

3. 1 teaspoon of Olive Oil (this is to help reduce the harsh effects of lime on the skin)


Mix everything together in whatever order you like. But, if you like ceremony, you can watch my short amateur video on instagram @thisblackwoman

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