Dirty Secrets

Short Story

“Wait don’t tell me you broke up with Richard too, he is your third boyfriend in four years. Are you serious? Do you think you are getting any younger? Is this how you are going to live your life? All your mates are married, I keep going to other people’s weddings, when will they come and attend my own daughter’s wedding? I am going to curse you…..” Aderonke shut off the rest of her mother’s words.

She would have loved to hang up but then that would lead to a family meeting and the last thing she needed right now was to be in the middle of extended family members discussing and dissecting her romantic life and rudeness to her mother.

The Richard in question had cheated on her and it was no ordinary cheating, this might sound like a scene from a Nollywood movie but, she caught her current boyfriend or rather ex-boyfriend in bed with one of her best friends. What did it take to get a good man in this country? What did it take to get loyalty? If her best friend, someone she had been friends with since primary school could do a thing like that to her, who could she trust?

The tone at the other end of the line assured her that that her mum had hung up on her so, she took the phone from her ear and dropped it on her bed in resignation.

Aderonke turned on her laptop, to check on her blog. The blog was the only secret she had, to the rest of the world she was just an event planner who was good at her job, and to be honest she loved planning events, she loved the excitement, the only thing she hated about it was working for snobby rich people. But besides that, she had her blog “Dirty Secrets” where she writes erotic stories laced with mystery and a lot of ‘dirty secrets’. Sometimes, she wished her life was as eventful as Sasha Williams’, the heroine in the Dirty Secrets Series. The readers loved Sasha, she was daring, she travelled around the world, she solved mysteries, she was a badass fighter and very erotic. The amazing thing about her was that she was Nigerian and even though Sasha Williams wasn’t her real name, the readers could relate with her naija struggles.

Aderonke sighed, she wanted Sasha’s daring nature and adventurous spirit but, she didn’t want to jump from one man to another although, it would seem that was the only trait she and Sasha had in common, being that her third boyfriend in four years just dumped her for her best friend. Her life was so cliché. She scratched her head through her dark blue silk bonnet. She didn’t even want to think of Dele, the guy she had dated before Richard, the guy was one possessive pyscho, she shuddered at the thought of him.

She wanted her own man, she wanted someone who could understand her, love her, she wanted someone she could trust. She wanted to have kids over her own, little children with dreamy eyes, high hopes and a bright future. They would have her dark skin, her thick nappy hair and if she didn’t want to be selfish she could let them have their father’s light brown eyes.

Wait-a-minute where did light brown eyes come from? Oh shit… she just gave her children Donald’s eyes. Tall-light skinned-muscular-extremely arrogant-drop dead gorgeous Donald. No way! Donald was the one the best client’s got assigned to, he was a conceited hulky bastard. Okayyy, she needed to stop thinking about him in such erotic ways…Damn, Sasha was really getting to her.

She closed her laptop, she would go through files of her current client, work would help her relax. If she wanted to get the next big client she had to work twice as hard, because beating Donald would not be easy. Hugh……Donald again. What she needed was a glass of cold water, it would calm her down and ease her parched throat but, why was she so thirsty all of sudden. The air-condition was on and yet beads of sweat formed on her forehead; she definitely needed that glass of water.

She got up from her worktable in her bedroom and made her way to the kitchen, she was on her way back to bedroom with a glassful of chilled water, from which she had already taken a sip, when her doorbell rang. She looked at the clock, it was nine-thirty, It was late and she wasn’t expecting anybody.

If it was Richard, with his useless apologies, she was going to dump the entire content in her glass on his face. Without thinking, anger replacing curiosity she walked across the living room, her weapon of cold water in her hand as she opened the door.

Disbelieve clouded her eyes for a split second as the glass slipped from her hand and shattered on the ceramic tiled floor. Fear immediately over took disbelieve and she tried to run, if she could just get into her bedroom, her phone was there on the bed. But, it was too late, Dele grabbed her from behind and wrapped his arm around her neck while using the other arm to pin her to him. During the struggle , a piece of broken glass sunk into Aderonke’s bare foot, blood trickled out but, she didn’t feel pain, numbness was all she felt as Dele’s arm tightened around her throat.

“I told it was useless running from me. Changing your address did not stop me, did it now?” Dele whispered into her ear. He stank heavily of a mixture of dirty sweat and alcohol. “Stop struggling, accept your destiny because now we can be together forever.”

Her eyes were bulging from their sockets, veins popped on her temples, her tongue was forced out of her mouth as she struggled for air but, Dele’s arm only tightened around her neck until she could struggle no more, she fell limp against his chest and when he finally released her, she dropped to the floor like an empty sack , her bonnet lay not far away from her on the floor, her flimsy night dress had shifted so, her breasts hung out in the open. Her eyes were wide open staring out in to the night through the open door, seeing nothing.

Dele stood over her, smiling sadistically as he brought out his gun and held it to his head. “Now we can be together for eternity.” He said as he pulled the trigger.

This story has no sequel;Who can guess what movie inspired this story?

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