Reintroducing Myself: Ten Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me

It’s December, the final and the most joyous month of the year, although, this heat in Lagos is not making me feel this season at all, let’s just hope it gets better as the month goes by.

Today, I’m reintroducing myself for my new and existing readers and I’m also talking about 2019 and my expectations. But, just like I did not have any new year resolutions for 2018, I don’t have any for 2019 as well, I have some expectations, which I will be discussing but no resolutions.

As a way of reintroducing myself, I’ll be telling you 10 things you probably don’t know about me. Here we go:

1.I am now a barrister and Solicitor of the Federal Republic of Nigeria: the journey has been long and tedious and I almost lost interest in the whole school thing, I’ll tell you all about it one day in a blog post.

2.I have battled with self-esteem and anxiety issues. Well, I can’t say I am completely rid of these issues but, I am trying my best. Self doubt, over thinking, random bouts of depression etc. These are things I am struggling with, which is why the TBW’s theme of the month is Self care. I’ll talk more about it, in the Newsletter I’ll be sending out shortly.

3.I love Romance stories. I love love, I don’t like a story without love in it or romance.I carry people’s true love stories on my head. Contrary to what people think about me, I hate divorce but, in some cases divorce is absolutely necessary.

4.I am not a touchy feely kind of person which is funny because of late I have been giving a lot hugs and receiving them in return.

5.I believe in Karma, I believe what you do will find it’s way back to you or yours one way or the other.

6.I have published five books, and I have watched my writing improve from the very first one to the most recent one and I am proud of myself.

7.I am very single but I give the best relationship advice, ask my friends.

8.I believe in family, friendship and love and I try to inculcate these in the stories I write.

9.I love food, even before I finish breakfast, I am already thinking of lunch, same for dinner and lets not talk about all the in between. Thinking about it now, Law School suffered me o.

10.I loooooooove horror movies, books, stories, whatever. Maybe I’ll even write one one one day.

2018 was a huge test of my growth, in every aspect of life, huge lessons were learnt and I hope to put those lessons in to next year. I expect to be a better person by the end of 2019, impact more lives positively. This is already sounding like a resolution…let me just stop here.

I just hope 2019 will be a much more fulfilling year than 2018 was/is. I’m still waiting on my December miracle.



Speaking from experience over thinking does no good at all. You begin to see everything that could go wrong and not a thing that could be right when you over think.

What I do when I start to over-think is take my mind off the subject totally, I either watch a movie ,or I work on some projects that helps take my mind off what I was thinking of.

So, it could be exercising or calling friends, just focus on some other activity so you don’t over-think.

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