Accepting Love : Meet The Characters

You may not have heard, but I have published the second book from the Smith Women’s Series on Okada books platform. The first book was, Remembering Love and now, Accepting love is available.

Accepting Love is just a little above 20,000 words but, it took a year to complete it. II started writing it as a prose series on my former blog Then law school happened, I got some other projects and this book almost got thrown under the bus. But, I made a promise I was going to finish it which was why I had to pick it back up.

Smith Women Series


A year after the Elizabeth and Derek’s saga, Deborah, Beth’s sister and Godwin, Derek’s brother’s story begins.

Deborah and Godwin have strong feelings towards each other, at first they misinterpreted it as hate but, when they realized that what they felt was love, they inhibited from accepting that love from trauma they had each suffered in the past.


Young, handsome and Rich, he is co-ceo alongside his brother Derek in Coker PLC, he carries a heavy secret

DEBORAH ADEBOLA SMITH: Beautiful, no-nonsense woman who thinks love is for the weak but, that is only a cover up for the fear she feel when the talk of love and marriage comes up due to her terrible childhood.

SUSAN: Godwin’s girlfriend, whom he is in a loveless relationship with on agreement, Susan is a medical doctor and an occasional lifestyle blogger. She is smart, beautiful and kind but, she ends up falling in love with Godwin contrary to their agreement.

APRIL: Susan’s cousin who is also a hair stylist. She has been living with Susan for past year since she returned to Nigeria. She had seen Godwin’s photo in a magazine cover when she was abroad and had returned to Nigeria with the sole aim of marrying him. April and Susan have no love lost between them.

ANDRE: Deborah’s admirer who considers himself her boyfriend, he also has a mental condition.

ELIZABETH SMITH: Debby’s elder sister and Derek’s wife, business woman and drama lover. Beth dotes on family and would do anything to keep her family together.

DEREK ONIMIDE-COKER: Godwin’s elder brother and Beth’s husband. He is also co-CEO of Coker PLC.

MIRABELLE SMITH: Deborah and Elizabeth’s mother.

Accepting Love is available on Okadabooks, click here to download. There is also a give away attached to this book. Visit my instagram page @thisblackwoman for details on the give away.

You can also check out my other tiles: If The World Was Different, Queen of Ice, Remembering Love and She. All available on Okada books.



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  1. Klassique dee says

    I would love to read this
    Can you do a crime novel someday, would so love to read those

    1. admin says

      By the grace of God I probably will. I’m exploring every aspect of writing

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