ThisBlackWoman Features: 30 Questions on Life, Christmas and Wrapping Up 2018 With Dee

We are wrapping up this year in style people!!!
Today, I’m doing 30 Questions with Dee on life, Christmas, reflecting on 2018, Romance and every every.

Destiny Awata, I call her She, is a content creator, an accountant and a lifestyle blogger at She is an amazing woman who is beautiful inside and out and I’m positive you are going to enjoy these 30 Questions.
Here we go;

1.Since we are in the spirit of Christmas I’ll start with asking what your favourite Christmas tradition is?

Oh I love Christmas! Best time of the year. My favorite Christmas tradition will be the gathering of family and sharing time with everyone and just having a great time.

2.What is the best Christmas gift you have ever received?

A phone.

3.What do you give a damn about and why?

I give a damn about life and equality. I believe strongly that we have a duty to ourselves to speak out truth and fight for a better world with equal opportunities for everyone irrespective of sex, tribe or religion.

4. What is your favourite colour?

That’s easy Black!

5.What is your favourite city in the world and why?

I will say Paris! I dream in French lol. Honestly, I love the whole of Europe choosing is difficult but if I have to I will say Paris. Love the fashion and the vibe I catch from the pictures.

6.What are the best and worst purchases you have made this year?

Best I will say a denim high waist maxi skirt. It’s so cute! Worst welllll that will be nothing. I don’t regret any of this year’s purchases.

7.Favourite movie this year?

Not really into movies butttt King of Boys did it for me this year.

8.If you could rewind and do this year over, what would you change?

Just change one thing the fear I initially had to do some things. I would remove that fear and do those things earlier than I did them.

9.If you had three wishes to come true before the end of the year, what will they be?

.Hmmmm. i.) Keep family and friends safe and healthy.ii) Get a new opportunity that will pay a lot! iii) Win a free trip to Paris!

10.What is your favourite fashion trend this year?

The come back of the Fany Pack!

11.What will you never be caught dead wearing?

Fake Fila

12.If you were to give an award to best Nigerian Musician of the year, who will it be?

Easy Burna Boy.

13.What was your most embarrassing moment this year?

My gosh this is a bit of a story so here it goes. I was at the mall with my friend and he ran into a friend of his from school and they did the whole guy shake thing. And I was like hi because it would be rude not to say hi, will usually just start pressing my phone but I am trying to do better maturity blah blah. This dude starts shouting like do you know me? Why the hell are you saying hi? Now I felt so embarrassed. Apparently he was joking but I didn’t find it funny at all.

14. Do you solemnly swear to approach your crush before the end of this year?

Sweetheart already did and found out he was not all that.

15. Huh… Tell me about it… I feel you….What in the world irritates you the most?

Egotistical humans

16.What is your favourite childhood moment?

Every moment with my 4 sisters, hilarious mum and loving dad is golden.


17.Small or big wedding?


18.Public or private proposal?

Hmmm depends on my mood. To be safe private if he isn’t sure I will say yes. And public if he like already cemented his place in my life and heart.

Taken from @deeawata on Instagram, she has a beautiful instagram feed too😍😍😍

19.What is your favourite accessory?
I don’t have a fav. I love accessories so much I sell them @shopluxurybydee

20.What are your expectations of the coming year?

I have huge expectations. I know God will surprise me in big ways and I am just prepping myself to receive all those blessings.

21.Who do you desperately want to punch in the face?

Right now no body funny enough. I have learned to accept people for whatever they are. Nothing surprises me anymore.

22.Do you have a celebrity crush? If you do, who is it?

Yessss Timini everyone that knows me know I love him.

23.What does going natural mean to you?

Well for me it means accepting yourself for who you are without the weaves, perm, makeup and still know you are a total knock out.

24.What is your dream holiday city?

City or Cities? Lol Morroco and of course Paris and every other beautiful city if the world.

25.On a scale of 1-10, 1 being the poorest and 10 being the best, how has this year been for you?

I will say a 10 because I have learned so much about myself. It was a challenging year and not perfect in any way but its still a 10 for me.

26.When you die what would you love to be written on your headstone?

Hmmm She lived her best life. Of course daughter, sister, friend, mother, wife, feminist, business mogul, philanthropist, icon. If there is still space.

27. Loooool…. What old school trend in fashion or beauty would you love to bring back?

Unshaped brows but there are ladies currently bringing those back. And of course bold colors and accessories.

28.What does self care mean to you do you think its just an opportunity to be selfish?

I don’t see self care as selfish. We have to take care of ourselves first before we can adequately care of others. Self care is important so important I have a whole blog post for it and I will still write more about it.

29.Have you ever tried therapy and how did it help your mental health?

No never tried the standard therapy but I will say if I ever have to hopefully never but if I ever have to I will. Our mental health is so important much more than we care to admit.

30.What advice would you give your teenage self?

Just be You and that is beautiful, intelligent and wonderful enough irrespective of what the world thinks.

Thank you so much for reading, I am sure you enjoyed it, now, please head over to Dee’s Blog, to read my own 30 Questions Tag, I shared some things I have never talked about before. So you definitely want to head there.

Also, don’t forget to follow Dee on all her social media accounts on @deeawata also check out her accessories store on instagram @shopluxurybydee

And please do join me on the blog on the 31st as we countdown into the new year, I have something hot in store for you all.

Have a wonderful new week!!!

  1. Dee says

    My dear… You are not alone in this French dream..
    Paris is my dream city

  2. DEEAWATA says

    Thank you so much for having Amin. Enjoyed answering these questions.

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