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It’s Saturday and it’s wash day in this parts…. Today, I am doing a review on one of my favourite shampoos, it’s an all natural shampoo and you know I always look out for less expensive but effective products, so I definitely got your pocket covered on this shampoo.

MNBP Essentials shampoo is a natural blend of ingredients such as black soap, neem plant, henna plant, moringa plant, almond plant, mint leave, lemon grass, cinnamon, corrinder, caradamom, fennel,cumin,ginger,garlic,onion, hibiscus, black peper, palm kernel, tea tree oil, geranium oil, cocconut oil, argan oil, jojoba oil amongst other products.


This shampoo with this amazing blend of naturals is good for all types of hair. My hair type is 4c and something I have come to realize on this natural hair journey is that not all 4c hair has the same texture, some people have really soft 4c hair, my own hair used to be very strong and bristle, I also have a very tender scalp, so imagine me trying to comb my non-cooperative hair on my extremely tender, it was worse than a tug of war.

If you have been following TBW from the inception, you would know that I have been experimenting with a lot of products for my hair, including home-made products. To be honest, when I started using MNBP Essentials for my hair, especially the shampoo and the hair mask (hair mask is a topic for another day) I have noticed changes in my hair, especially in the texture, it is softer and I can confidently comb my hair without any hassle.


Initially, I thought I would have an issue with the scent, for two reasons, the first one being that we know all-natural products don’t always have fantastic scents and the second reason being that ginger and garlic are two of the main ingredients. Well, it turned out not to have a horrible smell, but it isn’t particularly pleasant either.

On growth, patience is the key ingredient to gaining those inches we so desperately want. But, when you use good products for your hair, one that conditions, prevents hair breakage and softens texture like MNBP Essentials Shampoo, then your hair will be sure to retain volume and grow healthily.

This Shampoo is just 1,000 Naira! You definitely read right, with all those ingredients and I have been using a bottle I bought since November last year because it lathers so well and you don’t need a conditioner afterwards, except maybe a live-in-conditioner. Talk about economical!

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