March 8th is one of my favourite days of every year because, the whole world gets to talk about women; our achievements, our issues, our talents, our importance and most importantly, our struggles.

My post today is about celebrating and appreciating those young women around us, who are doing great things, women who are shinning their light on the world, women who are breaking the glass ceiling. Initially, I wanted to do ten women but the time frame between when I decided to do this post and now was really short so, I settled for five. Without any more story, I present to you, TBW’s Five Women To Look Out For In 2019 in no particular order.


Comfort is a radio host for Dreamcity on Unilag FM 103.1, a show produced by Young and Cerebral, a media and brand company. The segment is called Going Places and through the show, she has featured young entrepreneurs, artistes, bloggers and writers. The show is devout towards showcasing industries and their leaders.

Apart from hosting the radio show on Saturdays, she is also the product manager for Young and Cerebral, this job involves handling major programs and events for the company like the Annual Young and Cerebral Essay Competition, Monthly Solutions Hangout, Cooking Competitions, Creative Instincts Writing Workshop among other programs.

Comfort Studied Economics at Ambrose Ali University, Ekpoma, Edo state, she is currently a member of the Chartered Institute of Personal Management, she has done a series of trainings on business etiquette, entrepreneurship skills.


Faith is a Doctoral Researcher Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia. She is a first class law graduate of the University of Ilorin, Ilorin, Kwara State and also a first class graduate of the Nigerian Law School. Faith is also a speaker at the 2019 IP themed Summit of New Zealand Yearbook of International Law. To have accomplished all these at just twenty-two years old, Faith is definitely a genius.


Blessing is currently studying Education Counselling Psychology at Babcock University. She is a motivational speaker, she owns a blog that centres on Mental Health Awareness, she organises online seminars on Mental Health Awareness.

She is also an entrepreneur, she sells weaves and hair accessories, her hair brand is called Inflorenza Hair and I.G account is @Inflorenzahair


Angel is a Nigerian feminist, poet, writer and blogger. Her writings and poetry have been featured in literary magazines and websites like Ake Review, Random Thoughts, The Girls Like Me, Truth Zombie and The Pan Africanist Diary, among others.

In 2018, she co-founded an African Feminist Network called As Equals Africa, which focuses on dismantling African patriarchal norms through digital activism and offline citizen education on topics like mental health and consent, while also providing a safe space for African Feminist to support one another as a community.

Angel is currently a third year English Major at Babcock University, she runs a feminist blog asangelwassayin and in her free time, she enjoys putting flowers in her hair. You can find her across all social media on @asangelwasayin


Lateefat is a third year Microbiology Major at the Babcock University. She owns a charity organization that centres on helping children, old and displaced people. Her charity organization is called Give To Live and has organized a lot of outreach and fund-raising programs to help accomplish her goals of touching the lives of less privileged people. I featured one of such programs on the blog. (read it here)

Lateefat is also an event planner on the side, you can find her on IG @queen.teepha and her charity organization @_givetolive

This is post is dedicated not just to these five women, but every woman whose struggles are yet to be known, who needs an inspiration to continue and to every other person who understands what it means to be a woman.

And also, to every woman out there, DEMAND RESPECT, it’s your BIRTHRIGHT!

Happy Women’s Day.

  1. Comfort Uwakhonye says

    Woah. Thank you so much and I am honored. Happy International Women’s Day.

    1. admin says

      You are welcome! Happy Women’s Day

  2. Ajara Seidu says

    Very nice thumbs up 👍 more grease to your elbow. Happy international women’s day

    1. admin says

      Thank you!!! Happy Women’s Day!

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