Women Let It Go!

It’s not uncommon to hear women say things like “I am a feminist but…”

We all know everything said before but, has no meaning. We have seen women come out to defend abusive men and rapists. There is even something called “vex money” this is money a woman takes with her on a date as security, just in case she gets stranded or her date irritates her. These are just some examples of patriarchal mindset in women.

“Feminists are made, not born. One does not become an advocate of feminists polices simply by having the privilege of being born female.” -Bell Hooks

The above quote is from Bell Hook’s Feminism is for Everybody. It’s a small book but, it’s good for anyone who is genuinely curious about what feminism is about.

Patriarchy is the enemy, not men, boys, males or whatever nomenclature we choose to use. Patriarchy is what tells women that it’s a man’s world and patriarchy is what tells women to accept it blindly without asking questions. The thing about patriarchy is that it draws it’s power from it’s hold on our minds, so whether, it’s culture, or religion or society or whatever excuse we use to hold on to patriarchy, we would perceive that the minute we let go and open our minds, patriarchy becomes weak and eventually fades away

As women, no one would give us a seat at the table unless we work ten times as hard as the men, who sit at the table by virtue of been men. And we should work that hard so that the next generation of women won’t have to, until the only criteria to sit at the table would be competence and not gender.

As women nothing stops from us paying on dates, nothing stops us from being the provider, we were not born to be pampered and expended on.

As a woman you are not better because you are married or better than another woman who exchanges sex for money. We are all women and we have the same enemy; Patriarchy!

A man is not the head and a woman is definitely not the neck that controls the head, we are all human beings, no one is lesser, no one is weaker and neither gender has the ability to think better.

We need to fight the patriarchy within us, before we can fight the patriarchy without. Letting it go, is the first step towards achieving an equal society.

  1. Mary says

    I love this write-up. I have tried to explain to people why patriarchy is the problem but some people have told me all I need is ‘intense penising’

    1. admin says

      Loooool….intense penising tho. Well a girl’s got to have her daily orgasms. But people are silly sha. When we have talk about our issues they just find ways to make it sound mediocre.

      Thank you for reading, Mary. It’s nice to have you here.

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