Women of my Generation

Dear Women of my Generation,

This is supposed to be an open letter but as far as letters go, I suck at writing them. I think I’m supposed to do some sort of greeting, isn’t that what is done in letters? Regardless of what is done, I hail you, I salute you, I thank you for choosing to stand up for yourselves, for not allowing the shackles that bound your mothers to bind you, for being able to tell the difference between love and oppression, slavery and marriage.

I thank you for not settling for less, for knowing your self worth, for refusing to be called any other thing but your name, for stepping out of the box, for choosing yourselves over and above every other person, for shattering the glass ceiling with the same stones that were thrown at you. Oh – did I also mention how grateful I am that you have chosen to embrace your sexuality, that you have chosen to come out as queer, that you have, as an heterosexual woman chosen to express your sexuality.

Thank you for standing against forceful pregnancy and motherhood, thank you for standing up for the right to use your bodies as you please. Yeah, the fact that you no longer let religion and culture tie you up, like it did to the women before us – mind-blowing!

Women of my Generation thank you for being resilient, thank you for standing up for your fellow women, thank you for the chains that are being broken; chains that would no longer bind the generation of women after us.

Thank you for choosing yourselves and standing up against the derogatory bullshit, the abuse and the trauma that comes with being a woman. Thank you for standing up against a world that has the effrontery to us treat with disrespect.  

We don’t get the accolades we deserve, so this is one is for us! We would go down in history as the greatest women who walked this earth.

Yours beautifully,

A confirmed Child of Disobedience.

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