These days, one of the most controversial topics to discuss is feminism. A lot of people are willing to forget that women have faced various forms of institutionalized discrimination since the beginning of time and the negative effect it has had on women. Every culture, tribe, religion and civilization all over the world have always found a way to treat women like second-hand citizens. It is safe to say, that the world hates women.

Now that women have found a way to free themselves from the shackles of patriarchy through feminism it has become a constant source for debates and arguments and not just harmless arguments, many women have been maimed and murdered for being feminists. There have been cases of Nigerian men in diaspora murdering their wives for being “too open-eyed.”  But, that’s a topic for another day.

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Feminists have become targets for hate and bullying because they have dared to change the perspective of the world and their attackers are none other than ignorant people who would rather die than unlearn the discriminatory values that they have been brought up with.

A lot of patriarchal people will tell you that feminists are angry bitter women or will say feminists are women who will die lonely because they have refused to accept the natural law of men being created to lead and women being created as an afterthought and solely to be the companion of men, to be a subordinate and never a full whole being in her own self.

Patriarchy seeks to control everything about a woman’s life, to shape it to fit into what men want, from the god she worships and how she chooses to worship it, to the shape and size of her body, the complexion of her skin, the kind of clothes she wears, the way she speaks, how much she can earn and even how sexual she can be. It is pathetic that women are being killed for just daring to change these things.

It is even sadder that women are being killed by their own fathers and brothers for being different. To them, they are saving her from the torment of hell by killing her for her sins. What sins, you might ask? The sin of dancing in the rain, or the sin of leaving her hair uncovered, or the sin of wanting an education, or the unforgivable sin of being raped and violated – Honour Killing, they call it.

Feminist are being attacked and killed for their activism against female genital mutilation, there are cases of women being raped, cut and then killed, their bodies dumped on the streets to serve as a deterrent to other women who might want to follow in the footsteps of their activism. Stripping these women of their dignity both in life and in death.  Speaking of dignity, dead women are being raped by mortuary attendants; a woman isn’t safe even in death. 

All these doesn’t even cover the evil patriarchy does to women, no woman is safe from the claws of patriarchy, whether she is a feminist or not. Patriarchy will stop at nothing to destroy women and that is a fact.

Feminism fights to destroy patriarchy, to give women a voice, to allow women to live the life that they deserve, the life that they want to live and not the life that is handed to them. The only negative thing here is patriarchy because feminism only seeks the positive development and progress of women.

Thank you guys for reading my first blog post of the year, as usual, I’ll be looking forward to your thoughts on this post in the comment section. And next week, I’ll be discussing and profiling African goddesses, it’s a topic I’ve been really curious about of late and I hope you’ll enjoy it.

Happy new month people!

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