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This year hasn’t really been the best of years globally, with the outbreak of Coronavirus which began in late 2019 and as continued to spread uncontrollably throughout the world. Various tragedies have also been happening simultaneously as well, coupled with whatever personal issues every one of us might be dealing with right now, it can be really overwhelming. Here is a little something to lift us up during these trying times, it’s titled ‘Hope’ written by my own person, AriButtercup.

I hope that when it rains, your eyes always seek out the rainbow

I hope that when it gets dark, you always look to the stars.

I hope that today becomes the type of day where your heart sees the light in everything.

And  I hope that through the storms, your soul will forever search out the lighthouse

‘Cause darling I know it’s hard, but I hope that you always remember that no one has ever been blinded from looking on the brighter side.


AriButtercup is an editor, a poet, feminist and a mental health advocate. Follow her on medium to read more of her work.

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